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Metalite Aviation Lighting - Market leaders in the design and manufacture of portable landing lights and portable landing light trailers suitable for use with fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Metalite Aviation Lighting is part of a group that has been supplying quality products to demanding customers since the 1920s. Metalite has specialised in the design and manufacture of portable runway, helipad and airfield landing lights.

The UK RAF's first portable landing light - the LE58 - designed by Metalite.

Metalite's first battery powered light was the LE58, a portable airfield landing light designed in the 1960s to meet a specific requirement of the UK Royal Air Force. This landing light incorporated the best technology of the time for both its batteries, sealed lead acid, and its light source, cold cathode. The specification of the landing light was soon expanded to include photocell and radio control with a later version able to operate continuously by coupling individual landing lights by cable to a generator power source. Soon afterwards, to meet a requirement of the Singapore Air Force Metalite's first portable airfield landing light trailer was designed containing LE58s and generator powered PAPIs. The UK RAF went on to equip all of its bases with the LE58.

From this initial requirement of the British Air Force the LE58 developed into the international standard for portable airfield landing lights for both military and civil operators. It has outsold all other portable airfield lights and continues to be supplied today, still being used on all five continents.

MOSKIT - The only portable airfield landing light trailer to fully comply with NATO STANAG 3534.

MOSKITThe company's reputation as the premier manufacturer of portable landing lights led to the award of a contract from the RAF to design and supply a portable airfield landing light trailer able to meet STANAG 3534, a NATO standardisation agreement governing the use of portable airfield lighting by the Air Forces of NATO member countries.

STANAG 3534 specified that the system should be trailer mounted, totally self-sufficient and meet the minimum operational requirements of a 1500 metre runway. It should contain portable airfield landing lights, portable runway approach lights and portable PAPIs and be suitable for both overt and covert operations, it should also carry its own power source and be radio controlled. To meet this specific need Metalite designed MOSKIT, the Minimum Operating Strip Lighting Kit.

To meet the high performance goals demanded by STANAG 3534, MOSKIT incorporated the latest technologies. High-density batteries were used to allow extended periods of deployment, whilst the cold cathode light source, which offered only limited capability, was changed to tungsten halogen. The use of tungsten halogen lamps ensured that landing lights could switch instantly from visual light source to NVG compatible light source by remote control without the need to add the IR filters necessary with cold cathode lamps.

Again this Metalite designed product became the international standard offering rapid reaction equipment that could be towed, lifted or flown to any area of the world and be deployed in less than twenty minutes.

CALKIT™ - a portable landing light trailer suitable for emergency and temporary airfield and airport applications.

CALKIT™Recognising the distinct advantages of portable landing light trailers Metalite discussed the potential of a civil variant with Glasgow International Airport, one of the BAA group of airports, before designing CALKIT™, Metalite's civil airfield lighting kit. This first civil landing light trailer was supplied to Glasgow in 1992 and is still in daily operation.


Housed in a road going trailer, our flagship product can be rapidly deployed in 20 minutes when in emergency situations. The system provides safe storage and simple charging of light units when not in operation and is easily transported when intended for use at more than one location. CALKIT LED offers true 365 days a year capability. When used at maximum intensity (125cd), edge lights provide 40 hours light output (86 hours at 50cd) before charging is necessary. Other coloured examples have the following runtimes;

Red - 500 hours @ 10 Candela
Blue - 500 hours @ 2 Candela
Green - 317 hours @ 15 Candela

Recharging is then achieved in only 8 hours.

As with the LE58 and MOSKIT, CALKIT™ has become recognised as the international standard for trailer mounted portable landing lights. Today CALKIT™ supports emergency and temporary operations not only at International and Domestic airports but also on remote airstrips in some of the world's most extreme climatic locations.

Containerised CABKITMetalite works hard to supply its customers changing requirements. For this reason the company has designed two additional portable airfield landing light trailers to meet the larger vision of the US Marine Corps. By extending the principle of the MOSKIT, Metalite developed the Supplementary Airfield Lighting Kit - SALKIT and the Cable Kit - CABKIT.

When used with MOSKIT, SALKIT provides additional landing lights to allow longer runways, closer edge light spacing and lighting for taxiways. The CABKIT provides mains or generator power to the landing lights deployed from the MOSKIT and SALKIT trailers thus removing the need to collect the battery powered lights for recharging.

In its efforts to provide the very best equipment able to cover all airfield and airport applications, Metalite Aviation Lighting launched the TALKIT. This ultra light weight helipad landing light can double as a runway edge light for use with fixed wing aircraft during the first 0 - 24 hours of tactical airfield operations. Again Metalite have chosen the most appropriate current technologies by incorporating LEDs as the light source and high density batteries to meet the operating times necessary and to allow fast recharge.